The saddest day in our lives: Scottish exchange students leave on Friday 6th October 2017– an awesome week is over


There it was: The day our Scottish exchange partners had to leave. After an absolutely amazing week we only had a couple of hours together before they had to catch their train to the airport.

But first things first. Our partners arrived in Aschaffenburg on Saturday the 29th of October and some of us took them straight to the pub to taste some German beer.

For the next day the pupils Thomas Lange, Johannes Breitenbach and Alexander Vanselow had organized some games like the typical German ‚Völkerball‘ and ‚Masskrugstemmen‘ at the school’s playground.

We met again in the evening to eat pizza after most of us had been ice skating.

On Monday the Scots got to know our school: we took them to a lesson, our headmaster Mr. Lummel welcomed them and we showed them around the building.

We then took a train to Frankfurt to see the stadium ‚Commerzbank Arena‘ as well as the skyscrapers of ‚Mainhattan‘ and to have a delicious dinner in Sachsenhausen.

Tuesday was national unity day so after going bouldering in the morning we got the other half of the day off for activities with our families.

The school for disabled and handicapped in Aschaffenburg had invited us to play some games with them, so on Wednesday we met them in Goldbach and had some fun. In the afternoon we took them to the airfield in Obernau where we would try gliding. Altough some of the Scots cried during the landing in Frankfurt, everybody enjoyed this experience. Thanks to Konstantin Lorz, who had organized the flights, everything went well. In the evening we had a barbecue there and the Germans got to know some Scottish dances.

For Thursday Thomas Lange’s grandfather had offered to talk about his work at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972 where he had been a referee. For the afternoon Sarah Hauck had organized another new experience for us: two hours at a riding school so we could try horse riding.

And then there it was, the last day of this exchange program. In the morning we went to school with our exchange partners‘ bags and during our first lesson the Scottish had a typical Bavarian breakfast with ‚Weißwurst‘, Bretzels and sweet mustard. Luckily for some Germans their class was cancelled so they were able to join them too.

Afterwards Mr. Lummel said goodbye to our guests and told us how important programs like ours were, especially in times of Brexit and increased protectionism.

Mrs. Jäger handed over some presents like a local wine, a magnetic figurine as well as a present box in the shape of a typical German house for each of the teachers.

At 10:04 am we had to take the bus to the train station. When we arrived at the station Rhianne started to cry. As always the train that would take the Scots to the airport was delayed so when our teachers decided to go we instead went to the platform with our guests. Many of us cried when it meant to say goodbye until June when the Germans visit Scotland where we will all meet again.

This concluded a very exhausting but also extremely awesome week with our Scottish friends from Perth.

Alexander Vanselow, Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium Aschaffenburg

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