Fremdsprachenassistent Oliver Cross bereichert das FDG

Oliver Cross –bei den meisten Schülern des FDG bekannt als „Ollie“ – hat am Friedrich-Dessauer-Gymnasium für acht Monate als Fremdsprachenassistent gearbeitet. Der 21-jährige Waliser hat vor allem in der Oberstufe den Fremdsprachenunterricht bereichert und bei der Abiturvorbereitung mitgewirkt, aber auch die Unter- und Mittelstufenschüler mit seiner offenen und humorvollen Art begeistert. Nunmehr verlässt er Deutschland, um wieder in seine Heimat zurückzukehren. Im folgenden Interview, das er mit Emily Hein und Laura Scholz aus der Klasse 8a geführt hat, zieht er Bilanz.

What do you think about our school?

I think the FDG is a very excellent school. I think there are lots of things here for the pupils to do and I feel very lucky to have been placed here.

What do you think about the school system in Germany? Are there any differences to the one in the UK?

The school system here is quite different to the one in Britain. Some things are similar but the way lessons and exams are structured are different. In my opinion the German system works much better than in the one the UK. Besides, we start school way earlier – at the age of four. In terms of school life – we begin later in the day and thus also finish later. We have a long lunch break– oh, and we have school uniforms which is another difference, of course.

Which things do you like about Germany?

There are many things I like. I think the weather is much better here than in Wales where I come from. Germany is a nice country. There are lots of things to do – even in smaller cities like Aschaffenburg. It is a great place to be – it does not look as depressing as some places in England for example.

Which places have you visited in Germany?

I have seen many things. I have tried to travel around often, so most weekends I went to different places such as the Kölner Dom – that was quite impressive – or the Brandenburger Tor and the Reichstag in Berlin. I have also been to Munich. There are so many sights which are incredible. And I do think that „Aschaffenburg Castle“  is one of the best sights.

Which memories will you bring back?

Lots. Having been here since September, I have been away from home for quite some time, but it has been an excellent opportunity to travel and meet different people and see lots of things. I think spending carnival in Köln is probably the most outstanding memory – just because it was such a crazy weekend!

Have you enjoyed your time here?

Yes, the answer is ‘yes‘. I’ve really enjoyed my time here. At the beginning it was a little bit difficult, but now I have a routine. I’ve structured my days so it feels quite normal to be here. In English we would say it is “a home from home”.

Are you looking forward to going back to Wales?

Yes, I’m always happy about going back home. It’s where I come from, it is where my family is. The weather isn’t so good, but hopefully in summer it will get a bit better. I think going back home comes at the right time. After a long time here, that I really enjoyed, it is now time to go back home – and I’m also looking forward to going home.

Do you think your German has improved?

Yes, I think, that is another reason why you have to spend some time in a foreign country. This helps improving your language skills immensely.

Would you like to come back or stay  for another year?

I would definitely love to stay here for another year. It seems as if this year has gone by very quickly. It’s flown by. I know all the pupils, all the teachers, so it would be easy to stay another year. But I think I won’t have the chance to do so, unfortunately.

Thank you for the interview, Ollie!



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